JewishGen Yom Kippur Appeal 2022/5783

Dear JewishGen Family,

In Jewish tradition, the lighting of a candle has become synonymous with memory, and as we count down the days to Yom Kippur, many of us will be purchasing a Yahrzeit candle to memorialize relatives who are no longer with us.

A candle both consumes and illuminates, informing us that while we cannot re-engage with the past, we can - and must - allow the lessons, values, and ideals of those who came before us, to illuminate our lives today.

These thoughts and sentiments motivate the staff and volunteers at JewishGen on a daily basis. We are not content merely connecting researchers with ancestral information — our sacred work revolves around our ability to transmit the legacy of the Jewish people in a way that will ensure its preservation for future generations.

For this reason, please consider supporting JewishGen's important work, and contribute to our Yom Kippur Appeal. We are working as hard as we possibly can - but we need your help to continue and to grow!

Please click here to make a donation in support of our Yom Kippur Appeal, and become a true partner in JewishGen's important work today. A gift of any amount will make a real difference. Gifts of $100 or more will qualify for Value Added Services.

To donate via check, please make it payable to "JewishGen" and send to: JewishGen YK Appeal, 36 Battery Place, New York, NY 10280.

Thank you in advance for your support of JewishGen's important work, and to everyone who continues to get involved by volunteering their time, their financial resources, or by sharing suggestions and advice.

Wishing everyone a G'Mar Chatima Tova, an easy fast, and a happy and healthy year - and THANK YOU for being part of the JewishGen family. As always, if I can ever help, please contact me anytime via phone or email (listed below).

Avraham Groll

Executive Director



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